Single Reviews 3

It is that time of the month, So many new singles coming out means it is time for me to review.

March has been packed with many new singles ranging from a new song from Lorde, Zayn, Zayn Larssons and Niki Minaj plus a lot more.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.59.26Lorde’s new single Liability is just phenomenal. The emotion and passion she has in this song gives you goosebumps and you slowly drift off to her relaxing song. As mentioned in Single Reviews 2 I was shocked a Green Light as it was not what I expected. This is what I needed from Lorde and it has got me excited for the album. The lyrics to this song is what makes it for me as it tells a story you are hooked onto with a subtle piano playing in the background. This song is a must listen.  Lorde comeback is strong, we got two different styles form Lorde and we could see more in the future. The anticipation is strong.

Clean Bandit is back for 2017… yeaaaa!!! Joining with Zara Larsson I was ready for a Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.59.07.pngincredible song (just hoping for another rockabye with Zara this time) but what we got was also fabulous. This song is catchy and a funky beat and chorus that when the build up to it is torture it hits with a bang. This collaboration is another major hit for Clean Bandit and with a album out for Zara last week, she is not stopping. Check out my review of her album, even knowing with Rockabye and Symphony being dance hits, where is our album Clean Bandit?


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.17.04.pngLet’s get a song that is terrible out of the way next. Niki Minaj with Drake and Lil Wayne, was expecting good things from No Frauds but what we got was trash. If this is for her new album then it is not off to a good start. Trying to keep this rap battle relevant fails horribly as no-one cares anymore. This Disses in the track were just awful and could of been better, took up the whole song making it a waste of time. The two collaborations were not bad, just never stood out, maybe as I never played that much attention as Niki just ruined any potential it had. IGNORE THIS SONG.. PLEASE.

Kendrik Lamar is back and this song is Hip/Hop and Rap at its finest. This amount of Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.23.38.pngchanges in the beat leaves you shocked and mind blown at how many he can fit in a small song. The chorus to the song is soft and smooth while the raps are full of beat of the electric guitar being pro dominant. The song taking aims to Election results, Politics and him being number one. You can listen to this over and over again and still get shook by the amount of changes the beat has in it. This song is a must listen to Hip/Hop artist and Rappers. The people he plays in this song helps to break sections up but they feel right and really work for the song. Yea I am shocked and loving this song.


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.59.17.pngLastly Zayn  is back with Party Next Door. This song is not incredible but is still a well produced and will be played in the radio a lot. This song for me was hard to tell the singers apart which shocked me, but it worked as they modulated a voice. The song is what you expect a pop song to be with Zayn going solo paying off really well for him, rest of 1D need to catch up. The lyrics I find out was the biggest downfall, the boring comparing yourself to being boyfriend material just what?? The beat, the collab, the voices work perfectly but the lyrics just failed for me sadly. Will be listening to it a lot as I still adore it but not as big as it could of been. I would recommend giving this song a listen, you might love it.

What do you think of these singles? Do you agree with me, let me know in the comments below.

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