Judas Music Video in depth look ?

Exploring the world of many music videos I have fell in love withs starting with Gaga ?

Lady Gaga is known for her crazy music videos and tend to put heavy narration and meaning into the songs including the video. This song is no exception.

Like most pop songs and Gaga Videos the melody include songs that allow the listeners to sing along and dance sequences that are typically always seen in this genre.

This video is subtle in hitting illustrations or lyrics in the video but their is a lot of them hidden throughout. ” I love Judas baby” so is hooked to him and touching him before holding onto him when the song explains “clinging To Judas”

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 09.46.11.png
One of the pauses scenes.

Like most songs it is a a dance tune that most monster adore. The tune is fast tempo and has some really overpowering beats. The beat is played throughout the whole song and is emphasised through her dance moves and actions. The music does not really contain an element where the instruments take control but in one segment the music stops to highlight an important part in the video.

Judas video is supposed to look shocking and have people talking about it. She is seen as very sexual with skinny outfits showing some skin and being surrounded by men. Though many people see this as sexual an element of her being powerful and dominant impressing female watchers. The first image below shows a sexual gaga while the second follows a more confident powerful woman.


Now onto the theme showing religion and also singing about love. The video as shown below shows the religious elements implemented into the video.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This shows the links to the song and the story of Jesus and Judas. It shot in chronological order with dance segments added throughout as its not Gaga without some dancing. She is falling in love with Judas but wanting redemption from Jesus.  The message being that someone may seek redemption but will not lead to success as shown in her being stoned to death in the end.

This is different from my normal stuff but Media student here that is always analysing  stuff and music is my thing. This maybe a new thing for my blog looking at music videos and analysing them, let me know what you think of this new series.

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