Adele planning on having a new baby !

We just cannot keep up with everything Adele related.

After finishing off her second part of her American tour the superstar is planning on having another baby.

This news was announced in Arizona (the 107th show) on Monday 21st November, when she tells the audiance that her plans are to fall pregnant next year !

When leaving the stage Adele spoke out saying “Take me down, I’m off to have another baby!”

This will mean that Adele son Angelo may be getting a sibling after all .

Copyright by: tredyJend

More Exciting news for Adele fans this week with the announcement of the conclusion of this amazing wold tour.

Adele will finish the tour back in London Wembley Arena on the 29th June and the final ever show 1st July 2017. This huge space will mean that 90,000 tickets are up for grabs, but being Adele you may need to quickly get them while you can.

Are you enjoying all this Adele news, Will you be buying tickets for the last leg of the tour ? let me know in the comments below !


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