WALLS Perfect Album ?

The next album twitter voted for and I listened to. Have to say I was quite surprised.

Never really listened to this band very much, typically their biggest hits that made it to the top 40. The songs were anthems I would belt aloud in the car so I happy twitter let me listen to this and explore them more closely. 

The album only contains 10 tracks with many weaving into each other making the transition between songs almost seamlessly . The album created for me a sense of the Kings Of Leon Tracks I heard of before and it sticks to the same layout throughout the full album.  Not everything worked for me in this album while somethings stood out and got me in the mood to party .

What I Liked? 

They are songs on this album that stood out to me and instantly added them to my long playlist. Starting of the album the first two tracks “Waste A Moment” and “Reverent” got me excited for the rest of the album. These songs are fast paced, with the instrumentation the big stand out which I will talk about that later. The high note every time in the “Reverent” takes me off guard and the song is so catchy. This song is by far the best on the album the harshness of the vocals and the amazing chorus followed throughout with the electric guitar and drums just bounding away and completing an amazing song. “Waste A Moment” has almost the same credentials but is more happy. This song is the most popular and I can see why, it appeals to everyone not just rock or Kings Of Leon fans.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 19.39.30
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Now the instrumentation in every song is stunning. Songs that don’t work for me or never stand out is not due to the instruments.  I was always rocking out to the music or in much slower songs would sway away to the electric guitar. This is what this band brings to the album and brings it into full force. The band know how to create amazing rhythms, beats and tunes to put the listener through instrument heaven. When their is no vocals you take the most you can and try to take as much of the beat as possible, it is that good.

Last song that worked for me and is much slower is the title track of the album  “Walls.” Like mostly every album finishing on a softer note and making you relax, appreciate the music before silence. The lyrics to this song is the best of the album, the story of some one taking away their mental walls so he can finally open up to a loved one as the relationship is crumbling. 5min of pure amazing track, this song is completely different from the rest of the album, no catchy chorus, no fast action beat part, just bliss and pure emotion.

What did not work ?

The Vocals. I sorry to say this but most of the time through most songs, I would find myself zoned out and focussing on the instruments instead of taking in the full track and listening to the words. This I would be fine for in most tracks but everyone other that “Walls” I found myself repeating parts of the song or catching up as I was so impressed by the music behind the vocals.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 19.43.17.png
copyright by: @becreid

Two songs never clicked for me. One song called “Over” not going to lie was a struggle to get through. The main reason is the track is overly long. If it was shorter I could see elements and maybe like the songs more. The song fails for me the instruments are not as stellar as the other ones and it just falls flat. Maybe it is just me but compared to the other songs and an amazing opening, I suddenly got disappointed. The other song that failed me is “Around The World” it got very repetitive and two amazing songs before hand I just could clearly see the difference in their good songs and bad songs. It is not terrible do not get me wrong, it just never clicked or ticked any boxes I was expecting from this band. The instrumentation is not band but did not stand out, but it did compared to the vocals.


Happy twitter got me to listen to this. Some songs I am finding I play on repeat and really get me in the mood and energised. This album is not Perfect maybe due to lyrics being drowned out by brilliant instrumentation and songs failing to stand out. The songs that do stand out (ones I mentioned) are a must listen and the ones I did not like, please give them a go maybe it is just me. Kings Of Leon album in 2016 was a great album to add to the awesomeness that came out last year.

What do think of this album?

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