DAMN. Perfect Album ??

Kendrick Lamar is back in full force in 2017 was it worth the long wait. I am personally not a huge rapper fan but this may have changed everything?

Many people went crazy over a short period of time as Kendrick hardly got his fans prepared for all this new music. With the hype this bad for an album, I had to check what all this excitement was about and i could see why. Listening  to ‘Humble’ and ‘The heart part 4 I was enjoying the messages he was saying in his lyrics and the switch ups that were constantly happening was everything. This is my review of this album.. so be prepared to get angry Kendrick fans..

What worked for me? 

Lets start by congratulating him on this album. You can tell the work he has put into each song making them connect, tell a story and give you an ending that will leave you speechless and overwhelmed. The writing behind every song all personal to his life and tells some amazing messages that make you question how bad our society is in right now. Not every song on this album was a fast beat rap song, many contained huge amount of singing and slower beats.. which i found to be the highlights of the album. The opening of the album got me gripped and made me jump… following the clever structure of the album to only go back full circle (What ??)

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 16.47.07.pngSongs that work for me …  and there is a lot. The fast hype tracks that are amazing are both released video on them, ‘DNA’ and ‘Humble.’ Going into the opening slow storytime setting the mood into a upbeat rap track was everything. On “DNA.,” Kendrick adopts multiple view points, celebrating, critiquing, and exploring his black heritage and culture. The constant rap with no stopping is really impressive, which meant multiple listen to really capture everything he is saying. This song is relentless in offering an amazing beat and vocals you may need a break to calm down after listening to this hurricane of a track. Humble is his most popular single on the album and i can see why many relatable and positive messages throughout the song and with an amazing video everyone has listened to this track. The track is however about him being the best rapper and for them to be humbled by his lyrics.

Two songs that are a little slower which i adore is pride and Fear. Fear goes on a journey of him growing up. The song is so personal to him but turning 7 and parents beating him up for everything, 17 feared ofd death at a young age then finally 27 were he sees a lack of confidence in himself. This song is written stunningly and is a must listen. ‘Pride is however the best song for me. The chorus every time gives me goosebumps and is everything. This song for non rapper fans to rapper fans listen to this song and take notes on how to write a amazing song, and produce a groovy beat at the same time.

Things that did not work for me?

The feature track with Rhianna.. simple. Loyalty, what the hell was this Kendrick. I can see why it in the album as other songs reference Rhianna and Loyalty. This song just stands out in the wrong reasons and was a shock as I was expecting good things from this song. On “LOYALTY.,” Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna muse on the value and necessity of complete loyalty and honesty in both platonic and romantic relationships. Both sounding good, lyrics not up to standard on the other songs, not that good of a beat and really just stands out from the rest of the album… Maybe put it out as a separate single.

Element I absolutely hate. I can see rappers loving this song but for me the chorus was too much for me and it was torture to get through. The lyrics just telling us that he is the most dominate rapper in the world and at this rate he not lying but come on every rapper does a dominate track to show how amazing they are.  This song don’t get me wrong amazing beat but lyrics wise I just was disappointed and rappers will eat this track up but I go back to ‘Pride’ and ‘Humble’

In the end?   

This album I can see going back to over and over again however I feel will not get the same reactions as the first time and the ending will not surprise me. I recommend everyone to listen to this album from the start to finish in one sitting as it is totally worth it. Now after that I can see myself having a very small amount of tracks to play on repeat but that just my non rapper fan view. This album is amazing if a gave Drake album a go and failed to listen to it fully however got through this, this is album must of been super and gripped me into this concept and story. May go onto looking into his older tracks now, in the end this album is a 8 out of ten so it is a close perfect album. My taste in rap may of affected my final score but this is my blog and my view. For rapper fans you hve  already gave this album a listen but if not then give in a listen it super.

What do you think of my view on this album, what are you view, let me know in the comments below?

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