25 Perfect Album ?

Does Adele album ’25’ deserve to beat Beyonce’s Lemonade ?

After a long time of waiting, Adele made a huge comeback that saw her album speeding of the shelves throughout 2015. Was all this hype of Adele’s come back worth it, did she give us what everyone wanted and what we missed. Of course Adele did, this album is bliss.

Before getting into this review I do understand that Taylor Swift won the poll on Twitter and I am currently listening to the album “Red” and will review after I complete “Divide” by Ed Sheeran. Now to get on to this amazing review.

What worked in this Album ? 

Adele’s voice work with just about everything !  Each track no matter how high the notes or emotional the track are she makes it seem like she not even trying . Let’s talk about the emotion in the songs, omg they are powerful and I promise you their will be a song on this album that will make a tear roll down your eye.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.36.07.pngIf you have listened to the full album then you will be on a storyline of heartbreak, love and revenge. Each song different emotions being expressed and the storyline unraveling. Them coming to the end, taking it all in and how real this scenario sounds and experience the emotions that she been singing is spectacular.

Songs that work well that a slow and are powerful are “All I ask “, “Remedy” , and “When We Were Young” each song so powerful and raw that they are the standouts of the album and with an amazing album that shows the materpiece of these songs !! Adele fully shines and each song so different with messages about her relationships !!

Revenge song such as “Send My Love” still contains a powerful message of revenge and breaking up but is upbeat and lightens up the mood. These songs I have just mentioned are wonderful with other “Hello” and “I Miss You” failing to hit my top songs however are still beautiful to listen to.

What did not work? 

If I am getting really picky songs that failed for me are still good but never really captured what the other songs did so well in achieving. These song include “River Leah” and “Million Years Ago.” Still good songs but I tend to listen to the other songs on the album more maybe to get uplifted, Relaxed or just hear Adele’s powerful vocals.

That may just be me, who knows but every album has their stand out and songs that just cannot compete with the top songs.

In the end ? 

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.36.17.pngThis album is just what everyone wanted. Every generation adores Adele’s voice and can agree on the messages and the story element to this project. This album will take you on a journey that is a must listen. I am amassing everyone has already listened to the album but for me I tend to give up half way through or listen to the top hits. Adele 25 you need to listen to the full album to get a unique experience.

I would give this album 9.5 out ten, this album is perfect and will go down in history as the worlds most amazing albums this century. Its ticks every  box and the amount of time she put into this album really shows.

What do you think about this album ? Is it perfect , let me know in the comments below?

Next review: Ed Sheeran “Divide” on Sunday.

Copyright photo: by cargo.


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