“Instagram is for the devil” says Justin Bieber ?

We won’t be seeing a return of Justin on Instagram sadly !

Justin stated that Instagram is “for the devil” and “hell” as he went out to ask his fans on his final show if he should rejoin this network, with fans supporting him to bring it back.

Tuesday 29th September on the “Purpose” album tour in Europe in the  02 London Arena. This was the sixth show in this arena and end of part one of his tours in Europe.

Doing the concert he asked the raving crowd ““Who thinks I should get my Instagram back?” and the audience went crazy with cheers from the ground demanding it back.

The response was unusual saying“Nah, I don’t want to get my Instagram back,” Bieber explained why saying “Instagram is for the devil. I think hell is Instagram, I’m like 90% sure.”

He did however take many photos of the crowd and the concert but went on to saying that he will not post them on the social network.

With the tour now over Bieber is excited to be in his own bed and get some rest until he comes out with some other single or album


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One tweet saying “thank you Europe” as he end his tour.

In February he will be performing in Mexico followed by Austria, New Zealand, South America and Europe Again in June.

More demon related new came out this week on Robbie Williams.

Will you be still using Instagram or are you now put off, let me know in the comments below ?


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