Why Monsters Love Gaga?

Copyright: by Damien Laidin

The Only Monster that i can think of that is an inspiration to all !!

The Mother Monster herself Lady Gaga has not only inspired many monsters but has also inspired me. As her Fans are growing up, she is also transforming from the once crazy and over the top person shown in her first album The fame monster to the now toned down country women in Joanne. She is the only talented artist that i can think of that is not scared to go out of her comfort zone and leave the pop genre to explore further into jazz and country.

Her voice and lyrics to some of her songs not only leave me dancing around the room but can sometimes leave me in tears with the powerful messages and how personal she can make the songs. The most powerful track i find is the sensational song  Joanne that left me in tears due to how real she sounds and how personal the song and experience is. The Whole album, just perfect and bliss.

Seeing her live, twice was an experience everyone should have, being surrounded by fellow monsters and all rocking out to all of her classic songs, makes you feel spectacular and part of a community with fellow crazy monsters. The costumes were absurd, the voice was powerful and amazing and that is why we all love her.

Copyright: Joseph Louis

Wanting to expand and explore the acting world, she decided to kill it in AHS Hotel however in my opinion was disappointing at how little she was in Roanoke, even though she killed it again for the short time she was in it. Now appearing in a star is born coming out in 2018 this could be the next big step into her acting carrier.

So my fellow monsters Lady Gaga has everything i need and i cannot fault her (except maybe leave space for other pop stars) but its now time to wait for 2017 with her Superbowl performance and hopefully many more surprises (hoping for a Joanne world tour) that she may have in store.


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