“Starboy” a Perfect Album ?

Trust me you will have this on repeat !

With the success of ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ with songs such as “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills”, caused a huge amount of pressure on this to be amazing.  We were all scared about what this album had in store, however this did not last long with the collaboration with Daftpunk on “Starboy” got everyone excited and the hype began to grow even more and we were wanting more. So did the album “Starboy” give us what we want.

The easy answer is yes, “The Weekend” still has it. The album contains 18 tracks and last 1hour 18min to complete. Their seemed to be a running theme throughout the album of his becoming a massive superstar and him balancing his integrity with his success. The album contains such a variety of styles (R&B, Pop and Ballads), that suits “The Weekend” perfectly and is what makes this album an experience you will constantly be playing on repeat.

Fans of “The Weekend” will be happy to hear his unique voice, powerful lyrics and while people that are new listens will still adore the Pop-ish style music that pushes the boundaries of mainstream sound.

The Different styles: 

  1. The classic R&B we know the weekend has. The album is full of them with the main tracks such as “Party Monster” “Starboy” and another collaboration with Daftpunk with “All I know.” These tracks we knew were going to be good. The weekend with this style is a match made in heaven.
  2. The upbeat and almost funk sounding tracks. These include tracks such as “Reminder” and “Love To Lay.” These really express this theme of his star driven lifestyle, which he has desire for more (Why not.?) These tracks i can see once “Starboy” has had it’s moment will be on the radio.
  3. Last of these styles is the Ballads, i know these of course were going to be amazing. Hearing  Abel’s voice is just so unique, so powerful that Ballads were easy for him. “True colours” and “Attention” are only a few tracks that are so emotional and use his voice and perfect harmonies to create masterpieces of songs.
Copyright by: stereogum

This album contains so many collaborations with “Lana Del Ray” “Kendrick Lamar” “Future” and of course “Daftpunk.” More unique people to add to this wondrous album, that explores and experiments with vocals and sounds.

So i would say that this album is a must listen and will be one that will have many people playing on repeat. How crazy the 5 year  journey he has been on from an unknown artist to someone know living life as a “Starboy just “look what you’ve  done”, created such a real talent. I would give this album an 9 out of ten.


iTunes link  and link to what else came out this week. 


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