The Artist Spotlight: Tom Greenan

Every Sunday, I will discover a new Artist that I would recommend you’s to listen to.

This week I discovered a EP from the artist Tom Greenan and was instantly in love with his music. The EP may have of only contained 4 songs but contained potential and was blown away. Read more about him and please check out his music. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 14.01.44.pngThis songwriter was born in BedFord but now lives his live writing song in London. He began to get noticed when he appeared as a guest vocalist for the track “When It All Goes Wrong” by Chase & Status. Though for himself got big by playing an amazing song on the radio, appearing  on the live lounge and on BBC 2 in the UK. This lead him to making his way into the music industry.

As a teenager he was aiming to become a footballer as he played for teams such as Luton Town, Northampton Town, Aston Villa and Stevenage. Though went towards the music route.

Studying at London University, he played small gigs at around the city with his guitar. The songs he played, were raw with hints of blues and soul which is what his first debut EP contained. The style he sings (not going lie) is nothing new, we heard this style a lot but for someone starting out and for this style he nailed it perfectly.

I learned most of from writing this blog, that their are so many hidden songs in albums you don’t listen to and now to add to the list hidden artist that have talent are trying to make it big . Tom Grennan being one of them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 21.55.27

The Ep in 2017 “Release The Brakes” is amazing. The lyrics to the 4 songs are deep, as you hold on to his emotive, Raw and gritty voice right till the very end. The instrumentation is a simple guitar with a hint of other instrumentation joining in but not throughout. The EP is very short but for people that love amazing song writing and acoustic sounds and love Hozier, then gives this ago. Only lasting 13 min you will instantly want more, with him working towards a full album, we may hopefully see his full potential.

iTunes of the EP.

Tell me have you listened to him before, and are you waiting for his album? What do you think of this idea of Artist spotlight every Sunday ?

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