Out this week (9th December 2016)

Another disappointing week, but it could have some hidden gems !!


This R&B album , will leave you wishing it was the weekend. This album is  “4 Your Eyes only”by the rap artist  J Cole. The album is so rich and powerful, by the help of how clear you can hear his voice. The album contain 10 tracks and lasts for 44 minutes. A few of the tracks are “Deja Vu” “Neighbours” and “Immortal”  


Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 17.28.49.png

Another R&B album this week, they just never stop. The album is called “Stoney” by Jone Malone and features quite of lot of collaborations. The album contains a massive 18 songs and lasts up to 1h 8min. This artist is so talented that he can mix so many genres into each song. The albums features tracks such as “Cold””Deja Vu (ft Justin Bieber)” and “Big lie.


Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 17.36.57.png

The world of Hiphop now, with this album “moesh music” by Shorty. This album contain 13 tracks however it only lasts 33min. The album contains tracks such as “5 Foot 5” “Gears of war” and “Verified”



Of course we need a Christmas album, this time by Tom Odell. The album is called “Spending All My Christmas With You” and for sure will put you in the Christmas mood. The album only features 5 songs and last a small 14 min. The tracks features are “Real Love” and “Silhouette”


Other albums that came out this week were only “Peace Trail” by Niel Young, so a pretty missrible week in terms of releases.

What will you be listening to this week, any of these ? Let me know in the comments below.


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