Speak Your Mind Perfect album?

Anne Marie is one of my favourite artists and with this much anticipated album, my hype and excitement was through the roof… however was it good?

I would have to say this yes, this album was amazing on the first listen and the singles she released (there was a lot) still stand to this day however where the issue lies is replay-ability. I don’t understand the situation as I love the album so much but when it comes to listening to music I pick other songs and albums over this.

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Single Reviews 5

Yep the single reviews are back and we got some cracking singles to review on this post. With Clean Bandit, Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande.


Were do I start since my very long break, their has been so many awesome songs that have been realised but I guess I got to start somewhere. Many of these singles will be part of an album and for sure I am going to review them.  Continue reading “Single Reviews 5”

Beer Bongs and Bentleys Perfect Album?

Now This year I have just recently gotten into Post Malone, but in my short time I his style of music had grown on me.  So when I found out a new album was coming out this year I was very excited!

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Shawn Mendes The Perfect Album?

Yes, I am Back after a very long time, I had the urge to come back but take it slower with the amount of stuff I put out and slowly ease myself into it.. starting off with Shawn Mendes self titled album?

Now I loves Illuminate, I still consistently listen to near enough all the songs on the album which for me is high praise. So going into this album I had doubt and was scared this would be a let down however the singles he put out (maybe to many) were fantastic. Continue reading “Shawn Mendes The Perfect Album?”

Upcoming Albums in 2017 ?

This year is looking good for music and these are the albums that have interest me and will be covering throughout the year.

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Out this week (9th December 2016)

Another disappointing week, but it could have some hidden gems !!


This R&B album , will leave you wishing it was the weekend. This album is  “4 Your Eyes only”by the rap artist  J Cole. The album is so rich and powerful, by the help of how clear you can hear his voice. The album contain 10 tracks and lasts for 44 minutes. A few of the tracks are “Deja Vu” “Neighbours” and “Immortal”   Continue reading “Out this week (9th December 2016)”

Albums this week (2nd December 2016)

As the end of the year is almost here, we are sadly disappointed with what came out !

John legend has realised his new album this week called Darkness and light. The R&B/ Soul album contains up to twelve tracks. A few tracks being ‘Love Me Now’ ‘Penthouse floor (ft Chance The Rapper) and lastly ‘Surefire.’ This is  will be an heartwarming album to relax to.

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New Albums this week (25th November 2016)

The much waited album ‘Starboy’ is here !!


The only major new release was the weekends album “Starboy.” This is the Weekend’s 3rd album and is hopefully the best one yet. The album includes songs such as “Starboy” “Party Monster” and “False Alarm”

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