Top ten albums of 2016 !

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, not yours !

10. Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 14.58.23.png

This album for me is a way to zone out from the world, there is so many relaxing songs, while always keeping you happy.

Best song on album: Ophelia


9. Collage (EP) By The Chainsmokers

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.02.08.png

This album just makes you want to dance and sings without a care in the world. It’s just filled with amazing beats and awesome music drops.

Best song on album: Don’t Let Me Down


8. Anti by Rhianna


The album that grew on me and is a album I constantly keep coming back to and listening to.

Best song on album : Desperato (song is just fantastic)


7. This Unruly Mess I,ve Made, by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.07.17.png

Such deep and powerful messages hidden deeply in upbeat and groovy songs. This album really makes you think about the world we live in today

Best song on album: Light tunnels


6. Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.10.07.png

I was surprised by this album but it was just stunning, Ariana has such a powerful voice and album is perfect for people who adores pop music

Best song on album: Side To Side


5. Death Of A Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco


For an album that came out very early 2016, I am still constantly listening to it, the songs just never leave your head and are electric guitar and drums heaven .

Best song on album: La Devotee


4. Starboy by The Weekend


My first perfect album has only made it to number four? I have found myself listening to other albums but still perfect.

Best song on album: Party Monster


3. This Is Acting by Sia


Sia has done it again with the album, what a voice. This album is will give you goosebumps and leave you hitting the replay button over and over again.

Best song on album: Reaper



2. Illuminate by shawn Mendes


This new artist came out of nowhere for me and with the album always cheering me up and songs are just upbeat and full of emotions, it came close to claiming first.

Best song on album: Bad reputation



1. Joanne by Lady gaga


No surprises, this album was a masterpiece and a depth of Lady gaga and her family. The raw emotions and amazing voice, to emotional stories and messages followed by classic pop and rock. This album for me had it all .

Best song on album: John Wayne


What do you think of my list and what your top album of 2016 ?


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