Divide Perfect Album ?

Been really excited to review this album, the hype for it was real but was it all worth the wait.

Trying not to be biased, as I  am an ed Sheeran fan however it is hard  to prove it when this album is just stunning. Each song is so different from each other and the listener goes one experiencing a huge range of emotions while going on an remarkable journey. This album is unique in the fact that each person has a different song and songs that do not work for them (including me.) We get to see the artists personal life and what it has become as the is emotional in sad parts of his life and is very happy in prospects of his life so far.

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The wait was definitely worth the wait. It will be something that will be listened to over and over again and for me by a margin surpasses his multiply album. This album is the classic Ed with just amazing song writing with lyrics just pulling your heart strings and with rap elements and pop elements throughout it.

What works for me?

So much works for me starting of with the song “Shape Of You” “Barcelona” and one of the best songs on the album “Eraser” all upbeat and will lighten up anyone’s mood. “Eraser is wonderful in it’s lyrics and then the chorus always surprises me and is so deep and meaningful to him. “Barcelona” take you on holiday with Ed speaking Spanish and the tropical holiday vibes that are played throughout it. “Shape of you” is already a huge hit all over the world, as it a pop song that very catchy and the Stormzy element in the other edition somehow for me made an amazing song stunning.

The their is the emotional songs such as “Perfect” and “Supermarket Flowers.” Perfect is the song that is supposed to beat “Thinking out Loud” and maybe I not listened to it enough but it I can say that it is almost a level playing field. This song will be played at everyone wedding as the lyrics really show how in love this Ed Sheeran was. Now onto the song that brought me too tears. “Supermarket Flowers” is so emotional as the emotional Ed sings about a dying mother and the little things he does when packing her things. The lyrics make you tear up with the subtle instruments will make any strong heart break.

Other songs such as “Bibia Ye Ye” and “Galway Girl”get a special mention as other songs that work really well in the album with us going to Africa and then Ireland

What does not work for me? 

Not a lot does not work for me but song such as “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” and

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“What Do I Know” not really standing out compared to the rest of the songs. I find myself listening to the tracks I mentioned above and other tracks that are good more frequently than I do compared to thees two songs. Not much I can say about what does not work expect these two songs for me. As I mentioned before everyone seems to like different songs on this album and hate others, these two are mine.


Divide is a masterpiece of an album. The work he has put into this album is really shown throughout the songs and it is hard what ones he will pick to be singles as they are all so good. This album does deserve to be called perfect in it’s experimentation of different genres. It does get 9.5 out of 10 the same as I did to Adele 25. What more can I say buy this album, stream this album, I don’t care just listen to it.

What do you think of this album? Next review will be decided on a poll on my Twitter.



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