Single Reviews 4

After uni work now complete I can focus on this blog page growing !! So many songs have came out during this short time that I have to review my top ten.

Magnetised by Emma Blackery

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 14.21.07.png

Just getting into watching her successful youtube channel, then hearing that a EP was going to come out this year I decided to give the single a go. This song is so catchy and has got me in the mood to see what this EP will be like. Thinking about going pop on her next EP, I may look at Emma older music as this song is for any happy people wanting to dance away or for people wanting to listen to a lovely written song. This is supposed to be her greatest work and her best song so I am curious to her what she pulls out her sleeves if it on the same level as this and what makes this song more improved than the rest of her songs. She may not be confident to release a full album yet but give this song a go but warning it will get stuck in your head.

Lust For Love by Lana Del Ray Ft The Weekend

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 15.49.04.png

My love of Lana Del Ray is growing more and more with all her songs now listened to (May put my review for Honeymoon later) but this album is going to just stunning. The back and forward of the singers will send you goosebumps and will make you shook. I can not praise this song enough, the first time your hear it you be shocked then again you here the powerful vocals and amazing song writing. The two work amazingly with the weekend playing as a duet partner not just a feature and it was the best Decision.  Two amazing songs from the album, just give me a release date now as this will be a big contender to bear Ed Sheeran for the best album. If you listen to any song on this list, Give this one a go.

Riding by Frank Ocean ft Jay Z and The Creator

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 16.01.23

Not a big rap fan myself but Frank Ocean puts me in such a relaxed mood and this one will feature him singing and rapping, doing what he does best. What I find more impressive compared to Frank just stunning rap and chorus is Jay Z. Rapping over a piano seems very difficult to do and he pulls it off amazingly. Their is two things for me which lets this song down. The creator as not a big rapper than, he gives me everything I hate all in once. This section is easy to skip forward onto Frank amazing voice. Then their is the horrible ending which most people seem to like ?? What the hell is this ending it just comes out of no where and the relaxed and amazing mood I am in gets instantly ruined. This is a must listen to rapper fans or just to try out to hear Frank and Jay Z do their thing.

The Cure by Lady Gaga

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 16.01.46

This one will be short as a huge GaGa fan I will find it hard not to be biased. This song gives her fans something everyone needed her pop energy. Gaga goes dance almost Chainsmokers level and it works so well. This Bopp will be played on the radio like crazy and will get you grooving to the amazing beat. Short as I Trying not to compliment this song too much. just listen to this song for yourself and maybe you will agree ??

Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 16.01.32

Did anyone expect this from Harry, as I never did. What a great powerful song this is. We see the talent this artist truly has and he can sing. This album seeming to be more personal and less popish and boybandy which we expect this to go. This is a great song only let down by the repetitiveness due to the length of the song. You have to really be in the mood to listen to the full song as it is a challenge.  The slow opening building up to the pre chorus with the high notes is just godly. The chorus the least favourite section but it still great not to the standard of the verses and the pre chorus. The emotions he goes though are strong and you follow him on this sad journey where you actually feel the desperation and sadness he is feeling.

YES I know every song on this list is great but it is the truth. What do you think of these singles let me know in the comments below. May write reviews of DAMN by Kendrick and Honeymoon by Lana Del Ray also BadLand by Hasley and The Chainsmokers new album.. so many reviews what should i cover ?

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