“24K Magic” a Perfect Album ?

Where did the classic Bruno Mars go ?

The once hidden song writer to the Bruno Mars who created ‘Doo-wops and Hooligans.’ This artist that stood out to me with the unique voice and creative mindset which he showed in the video ‘the lazy song.’ Now a much more stylish, charismatic Bruno Mars we see in this new Album ‘24K Magic.’

Bruno Mars is an artist that i don’t really listen to all that much even though he’s got the charm, he knows his stuff such as history of pop and how to write some incredible songs. The thing that stood out to me was his videos for his songs, they were always creative and out there but where did all of this go. Yes it still stands out in ‘24k Magic’ video but i need the craziness. But now to get into the review.

After 4 years since unorthodox church and 2 years since he appeared in uptown fuck, he still has the catchy hooks and keeps the funk and soul we wanted from this album. The Album only contains 9 tracks which lasts 33 minutes. It starts as an upbeat album full of energy and many songs that would never leave you mind, however the album gradually slows down and the ballads just don’t feel to me as good as the start of the album.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.33.08.png
Copyright by: Mike Gray

The obvious song everyone should know ’24k magic’ – which was his first track that got everyone excited for this album. Bruno presents himself as a king full of wealth. He conveys this with an overpowering electric introduction, just like ‘uptown funk’ , the catchy beat and lyrics kick in.This shows a change in Bruno as you can tell in the lyrics he adores the millionaire lifestyle and the women that follow it.

What follows his swag lifestyle track is Bruno bursts out searching for a damsel in ‘chunky.’ Then as quick as that one sentence song review, follows a 80s sounding track which i am hoping becomes his next hit, filled with the drums, horns and the groovy beat. Bruno gets romantic and lets his lady take control in ‘That’s What I Like.’ The next couple of tracks is where things slow down with ‘Versace On The Floor’ and ‘Straight Up And Down.’ Bruno here prepares for a night of love and romance by telling her to get ready as he wants to show his moves in the bedroom.

We finally get a beat change hallelujah for that. We go back to the beats at the start the album with ‘Fitnesse’ which does not stand out but i in my view was much-needed to get a break from the ballads. The Album burns down to a more natural sound track ‘ Too Good To Say Goodbye’ were i saw the original Bruno with deep lyrics, leaving listeners emotional. This ended the Album perfectly and saved the Album from being a disaster.

Now i only listened to the Full album once but in all fairness that’s all i could take. Yes there are songs that i going to listen to again. Maybe bigger fans will enjoy the danceable tracks and energetic beats but for me i want the classic Bruno. I enjoyed the experience of listening to the album and you can tell he enjoyed creating this album but i would have to give it a 6 out of ten.


What did you think of this album and do you miss what i am calling the classic Bruno, let me know?


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