So Good Perfect album ?

This album took me by surprise and is some really good pop album however their is a few problems i noticed.

The Swedish singer after putting out some amazing singles such as “Lush Life” and “Never Forget You” has finally brought out an album. For people that adore pop music just as much as I do this album will give you everything you need in bucket loads. This album nails it in bringing songs that you can groove out to and with the amazing song “Symphony” with Clean Bandit you know you going to get some amazing beats. This is an amazing debut album and a great way for more people to love her music.. Just wish it was longer it was that good of an experience to listen to in one listen.

What worked for me.

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I need to talk about the song that blew me away and been playing constantly being “Don’t Let Me Be Yours”this song is stunning. With Ed Sheeran playing the guitar, back up singing and working on the lyrics, the song just amazing. The constant build up into the perfect upbeat chorus works amazingly. This song will get you singing along. The message being someone in love and wishing they  could forget the mistakes they have made. It has top class.

Other songs that stood out are the singles. “Lush Life” “I Would Like” and “Never Forget You” singles for a reason as they tick all the boxes that a pop song should have. The album is beautiful. These songs all being big hits but all completely different from each other. Going a little bit slower “Make That Money” is a meaningful pop song that shocked me as it came out of nowhere. Constant upbeat pop songs into a tad slower with harmonizing back up  singers. These songs are the reason you should listen to this album.. a lot of songs are good however the ones mentioned are great.

What does not work.

Not a lot never worked for me a few song such as “One Mississippi” was a complete failure for me. What was this song, it was just terrible. Other songs like “TG4M”and “Only You” were not great as well but nothing was a bad as “One Mississippi” maybe it is just me but compared to the rest this song should be took out. I do feel bad as the album is good but It is hard to make ever song in the album amazing and thats why most artist put a few out as singles.

The Typical structure of the album was boring and been done many times. The opening song fell flat and did not stand out.  “What They Say” maybe in the middle, it was a good song but open with “Lush Life” or “Make That Money” to get people to listen to the full thing as it is worth it. Then the typical note of finishing on a slow song, come on why does every album do this. I was so confident this album started me dancing along and finish with me still grooving but it was only a dream.

In the end?  

This album when it goes well with good songs and amazing lyrics and powerful voic

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 17.05.03
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e it does it well and is relentless in giving you in bucket loads and making you want more.Though some tracks are left you wandering why, or confused saying “I will forget this song in about a day, it was nothing special.” Though one song in particular will make you wander why. This song is a 7 out of ten making it some what perfect, it needs a few tweaks and song taken out. “Symphony” was a good song though on itunes (Apple music) it finished on “I Cant Fall In Love With You.”

What do you think of this debut album? Do you agree with the opinion? Let me know in the comment below.


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