Single Reviews 2 

Never expected so many songs to come out in such a small period of time !!

What happened in the past two weeks, so many singles coming out. Artist that we miss coming out and some making the start in their 2017 reappearance.


Lorde new song took me by surprise. I knew we where getting something different but Lorde opening part took me back to her previous work and it was magical. Now when the beat starts to kick in to the powerful unique voice, it takes you buy surprise. After a quick second you love the new Lorde and are shocked at how she pulled it off. This glimpse of her new album called … however is still hoping to get some classic Lorde into the mix


Calvin Harris teams up with Frank Ocean  and Migos on a track called “slide.” The slow piano sets the mood of the piece as slow and calming untill the beat kicks in and you slightly confused they this is a Calvin Harris song. Though every part of the song works, even the smooth Frank Ocean voice to the addition of Migos. Artist are now experimenting with their music, except Katy Perry. This single Shockley does not suck and is a good dance track.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 08.48.41.png

Listening to this during the Brit Awards I was blown away we finally got to hear the Chainsmokers and Coldplay Together. I`think I was so surprised I never really listed to the full song. Now listening to it I love the lyrics but I agree, this song is just like Roses pt2. That not bad as I adore that song but gets me worried for this years album. Coldplay and Chainsmokers I see the potential it could bring, this I feel was just the starting block.


Shimmy your way to this or don’t as I don’t really like it. Niki Minaj part is too short and the chorus does nothing for me. This song I tried to like it so many times but never really listened to it again after my 3rd time. So many better Jason songs that he has released that are compared to this song.  The lyrics may of have been written in a small amount of time, compared to lyrics in the previous songs I mentioned on this list. I would say give this song a pass.


Well this song kind of works for me. It has everything you would expect from this group however you will not being listening to  more than their older songs that really set the rhythm right. They bring in the high pitch singing that kind of goes through you and is not really pleasant to hear. Their never really interest me however occasionally the listening to it gets to ready to party. This song is like them all repetitive and you can always expect that.  For people that like them it is a must listen and for others I would give this song ago.

What do you think of these singles ? Divide review is coming soon, so wait patently ? check out my single reviews 1 !


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