50 Shades darker soundtrack perfect album ?

The movie was terrible, but what about the soundtrack ?

Just after valentines day and people are flocking to the movies to see this very erotic movie, however the soundtrack seems to be the only gem in this project.

Featuring 19 tracks and lasting 1 hour and 7 mins, the album is full of different styles and artists that at least one track would suit someone. Massive artist such as the duo Zayn & Tailor Swift, JP Cooper and John Legend.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 15.57.27.png
Copyright by J-14.com

The track that stands out is the featured track ‘I Don’t want To live forever’ standing out with the two voices perfectly harmonising and showing a real connection between the singers. Sia track of ‘Helium’ is, what you would expect from a Sia track, powerful voice full of raw emotion and amazing instrumentation. The weird combo of Nick Jones & Niki Minaj works somehow really well. The catchy chorus going into a repetitive but amazing verses leaving Niki Minaj, the cherry on the top of an amazing song.

The songs all relating to romance and love however ,all different from each other. It’s a collection of decent erotically-tinged pop with a gloomy edge. You can clearly tell when listening to the album which songs are going to be huge and what songs are flops, which really lets the album down such as“Cruise” by Kygo being a track that does not fit with this collection and does not work.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 15.59.47.png
Amazing soundtrack by both movies however questionable movies  (copyright by movieweb)

This follows the recent trend of movies like Suicide Squad soundtrack being fantastic however the movie being questionable by many critics.

I would give this album a 7 out of ten making it almost perfect. Will you be listening to this album let me know and tell me what you though of it ? Is it better than the movie?





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