Upcoming Albums in 2017 ?

This year is looking good for music and these are the albums that have interest me and will be covering throughout the year.

March 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 17.54.48So far the beginning of March was a fantastic year, with Ed Sheeran dominating the start of the month. Divide is dominating all the top hits and is selling really well throughout the world. Check out my review here. Khalid also dropped an album the same week however was a disaster as no-one was a match for Ed.


10th March sees the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast with the main track not sounding up to the standard of the original. We will see how the rest of the songs go but from what we seen the movie looks amazing and the songs are top class but it has got a high standard to beat.

15th March is when an album I find myself slightly interested in listening to. Pitbull comes out with his new album in a while called “Climate Change.” We all know what we can expect from this album already and I probably assume that it will not be a perfect album, however so many artists have changed their style in recent years , so who knows.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 18.51.41
17th March
I am excited for Zara Larson so bring out her debut album “So Good.” With song she has brought out so far and have fell in love with, I have got high standards for the pop album to be good.

24th March Take that is back. We all know this is going to be a good album. I have covered their new single on my single review 2   and I now find myself playing it on repeat. The title wonderland, is the only really competition Ed Sheerean has during March but we all know who will win. But Take That’s album is going to be good anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 18.51.57Finish off an amazing March. We finally get the release of Tinie Tempah and “Youth.” The singles he announced last year were all really big hits and the album for this is expected to contain more. You half empty album on your itunes will be completed on 31st March. 


April 2017 

Starting off April and trying to beat the amazing albums we had in March is The screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-08-48-41Chainsmokers. With 2 EPs to their name, we are now going to see if they can hold a full album and how well will it perform. With their Collaboration with Coldplay, we can expect to see more top class singers on the this on the 7th April 

They for me seem to hold April with artists not really standing out. This is a list of people I am excited to listen to, so remember that, please.

May 2017

I did not want to leave May blank as that would annoy everyone. So I Linkin Park, may not suit my taste but I know many people that like them so maybe in May, I will give them a go. This album the more I think about it intrigues me and I could see a possibility that this could surprise me.

June 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 19.33.45I am so ready for June, This is has got such talent ready for you in the summer. The 2nd June will see cold play small EP and the debut album of Dua Lipa which I will review both. The collaboration with the Chainsmokers and the single Hypnotised are not got you ready for this, I don’t know what. With Dua Lipa the songs I have heard are mainly classic pop songs but they are all so good and with her joined Martin Grarrix with “Scared To Be Lonely” and loving it, I think this album I will enjoy.

Alt- J and Nickleback battle it out on the 9th June, who listens to Nickleback, while I will listen to Alt -J. Alt-J will win this battle with his relaxing music and his newest single just out and making me into a dreamy mood will definitely be a song I will be listening to when going to bed.

Planned with no release date is Kelly Clarckson, but I am slightly excited to see what she has in store for us.

September 2017 

One artist is all I can say. Charlie XCX has took the whole month to herself but probably not for long as you will see many albums do not have a date yet. Am I excited for this album NO I AM NOT but we will see. No day announced yet.

That end the year with what has been announced now onto the albums that we will still see this year and has a date 

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 19.38.28Avril Lavigne, I know I am someone is excited for this, the only reason is to see how crazy this is going to be.

Callum Scott, maybe not as excited as i was before as his second single was just awful and hated so much while “Dancing On My Own” done really well , so it  not going to be a pefect album and I know that already.

Clean Bandit, Now this is an album I been ready for single Rockabye with Anne-Marie. I  am expecting big things from this album and low key artists to make it big because of this or maybe they will collaborate with bigger artists, guess we need to wait and see.

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-08-43-29Jason Derulo not happy about this now after his recent single with Niki Minaj being such a fail for me and not something I play on repeat. This album has potential but so far it is a flop for me after one song.

The killers, ready to rock my hair back and forth as I am. This album better blow my hair away with awsomeness or I will be disappointed.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-08-42-18Going quickly now Lorde (yes), Lana Del Ray (yesss), London Grammar (mmm okay), Fergie (Kill me now and finally Arcade Fire (need to get into them)


This rounds what I am ready for in 2017. Missed anything let me know. I will be covering all these albums and more that I may explore in the year ahead so please Follow as I am trying to post one every two days (so many albums to review and sometimes big news story may pop up.)



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