Trolls soundtrack perfect album?

Twitter voted and well this review won.. lets get this over and done with already !!

Leading off a really mediocore movie, I felt like I had to give the soundtrack a go. With the album only lasting 37 min and only containing 8 songs then the rest repeated as film versions? But still how hard and bad was it going to be. With singers such as Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, maybe we will find a hidden gem in all this happiness and craziness.

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50 Shades darker soundtrack perfect album ?

The movie was terrible, but what about the soundtrack ?

Just after valentines day and people are flocking to the movies to see this very erotic movie, however the soundtrack seems to be the only gem in this project.

Featuring 19 tracks and lasting 1 hour and 7 mins, the album is full of different styles and artists that at least one track would suit someone. Massive artist such as the duo Zayn & Tailor Swift, JP Cooper and John Legend. Continue reading “50 Shades darker soundtrack perfect album ?”

La la land soundtrack, perfect Album ?

Will it live up to the hype of the movie ?

From the award winning movie La la Land, the soundtrack from the movie was a definite listen for me, to really see what all this hype was about. Lets just say I was not disappointed, this soundtrack to an amazing movie is just stunning. Continue reading “La la land soundtrack, perfect Album ?”