Single Reviews 5

Yep the single reviews are back and we got some cracking singles to review on this post. With Clean Bandit, Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande.


Were do I start since my very long break, their has been so many awesome songs that have been realised but I guess I got to start somewhere. Many of these singles will be part of an album and for sure I am going to review them.  Continue reading “Single Reviews 5”


Top 10 songs of 2017

I have decided to make this list of the top songs that I heavily enjoyed in 2017.. it may be all over the place ?? This is my list of 2017 song that I constantly played on repeated in 2017, these songs may not be that good critically however this is my list ??   10: Love by Lana Del Ray This year I somehow … Continue reading Top 10 songs of 2017

Views on Taylor Swift’s new music

I hate it but at the same time i can not stop listening to them… why taylor why?? this is going to be a quick rundown of what I think about each song that has been announced so far, what I predict the album is going to be (personal view on will like like it or not) Look what you made me do Okay this … Continue reading Views on Taylor Swift’s new music

Single Reviews 3

It is that time of the month, So many new singles coming out means it is time for me to review.

March has been packed with many new singles ranging from a new song from Lorde, Zayn, Zayn Larssons and Niki Minaj plus a lot more.

Continue reading “Single Reviews 3”

Single Reviews 2 

Never expected so many songs to come out in such a small period of time !!

What happened in the past two weeks, so many singles coming out. Artist that we miss coming out and some making the start in their 2017 reappearance.

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Single reviews 1

Sometimes you cannot wait for the album to come out !!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 08.42.18.png

Lana Del Ray new single called ‘Love’ sends shivers down your spine. The unique and relaxing voice to the instrumentation, works heavenly and will be leave you excited for the upcoming album Continue reading “Single reviews 1”