WALLS Perfect Album ?

The next album twitter voted for and I listened to. Have to say I was quite surprised.

Never really listened to this band very much, typically their biggest hits that made it to the top 40. The songs were anthems I would belt aloud in the car so I happy twitter let me listen to this and explore them more closely.  Continue reading “WALLS Perfect Album ?”


Upcoming Albums in 2017 ?

This year is looking good for music and these are the albums that have interest me and will be covering throughout the year.

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Divide Perfect Album ?

Been really excited to review this album, the hype for it was real but was it all worth the wait.

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Single Reviews 2 

Never expected so many songs to come out in such a small period of time !!

What happened in the past two weeks, so many singles coming out. Artist that we miss coming out and some making the start in their 2017 reappearance.

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25 Perfect Album ?

Does Adele album ’25’ deserve to beat Beyonce’s Lemonade ?

After a long time of waiting, Adele made a huge comeback that saw her album speeding of the shelves throughout 2015. Was all this hype of Adele’s come back worth it, did she give us what everyone wanted and what we missed. Of course Adele did, this album is bliss.

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Trolls soundtrack perfect album?

Twitter voted and well this review won.. lets get this over and done with already !!

Leading off a really mediocore movie, I felt like I had to give the soundtrack a go. With the album only lasting 37 min and only containing 8 songs then the rest repeated as film versions? But still how hard and bad was it going to be. With singers such as Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, maybe we will find a hidden gem in all this happiness and craziness.

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Born To Die Perfect album ? 

With the new album coming out soon lets take a look at an older Lana Del Ray album.

Back in 2012 Lana Del Ray released her debut album, which is now one of her popular projects known as ‘Born To Die.’ This album what can say, nothing but praise with a few flaws but let’s dig into the review !!  Continue reading “Born To Die Perfect album ? “

The Brit Awards are coming !

Today is the day !

The moment you have all been waiting for the brit awards, this post will make you prepared for tonight spectacular show. We all know we seen fantastic performances before and how a single award can change a singers career, just the same as an oscar.

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Single reviews 1

Sometimes you cannot wait for the album to come out !!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 08.42.18.png

Lana Del Ray new single called ‘Love’ sends shivers down your spine. The unique and relaxing voice to the instrumentation, works heavenly and will be leave you excited for the upcoming album Continue reading “Single reviews 1”

50 Shades darker soundtrack perfect album ?

The movie was terrible, but what about the soundtrack ?

Just after valentines day and people are flocking to the movies to see this very erotic movie, however the soundtrack seems to be the only gem in this project.

Featuring 19 tracks and lasting 1 hour and 7 mins, the album is full of different styles and artists that at least one track would suit someone. Massive artist such as the duo Zayn & Tailor Swift, JP Cooper and John Legend. Continue reading “50 Shades darker soundtrack perfect album ?”