Single Reviews 3

It is that time of the month, So many new singles coming out means it is time for me to review.

March has been packed with many new singles ranging from a new song from Lorde, Zayn, Zayn Larssons and Niki Minaj plus a lot more.

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So Good Perfect album ?

This album took me by surprise and is some really good pop album however their is a few problems i noticed.

The Swedish singer after putting out some amazing singles such as “Lush Life” and “Never Forget You” has finally brought out an album. For people that adore pop music just as much as I do this album will give you everything you need in bucket loads. This album nails it in bringing songs that you can groove out to and with the amazing song “Symphony” with Clean Bandit you know you going to get some amazing beats. This is an amazing debut album and a great way for more people to love her music.. Just wish it was longer it was that good of an experience to listen to in one listen. Continue reading “So Good Perfect album ?”

Judas Music Video in depth look ?

Exploring the world of many music videos I have fell in love withs starting with Gaga ?

Lady Gaga is known for her crazy music videos and tend to put heavy narration and meaning into the songs including the video. This song is no exception.

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Ultravilolence Perfect Album?

Twitter wanted me to do more so the second album “Ultraviolence”is being reviewed quicker than I expected.

Before you read this review check out the other Lana review I did recently that was a emotional love song collection. This album for me picks up where the last one ended and we see that their relationship is not as it seems and she not has happy as she made out.  The darkness of the album plays throughout as we dig deep into this guys life and how she deals with it.

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Music News (Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Adele)

This week has been big on music news, I felt like I had to write a blog post.

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The Artist Spotlight: Tom Greenan

Every Sunday, I will discover a new Artist that I would recommend you’s to listen to.

This week I discovered a EP from the artist Tom Greenan and was instantly in love with his music. The EP may have of only contained 4 songs but contained potential and was blown away. Read more about him and please check out his music.  Continue reading “The Artist Spotlight: Tom Greenan”

WALLS Perfect Album ?

The next album twitter voted for and I listened to. Have to say I was quite surprised.

Never really listened to this band very much, typically their biggest hits that made it to the top 40. The songs were anthems I would belt aloud in the car so I happy twitter let me listen to this and explore them more closely.  Continue reading “WALLS Perfect Album ?”

Upcoming Albums in 2017 ?

This year is looking good for music and these are the albums that have interest me and will be covering throughout the year.

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Divide Perfect Album ?

Been really excited to review this album, the hype for it was real but was it all worth the wait.

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Single Reviews 2 

Never expected so many songs to come out in such a small period of time !!

What happened in the past two weeks, so many singles coming out. Artist that we miss coming out and some making the start in their 2017 reappearance.

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