Top 10 songs of 2017

I have decided to make this list of the top songs that I heavily enjoyed in 2017.. it may be all over the place ?? This is my list of 2017 song that I constantly played on repeated in 2017, these songs may not be that good critically however this is my list ??   10: Love by Lana Del Ray This year I somehow … Continue reading Top 10 songs of 2017

Ultravilolence Perfect Album?

Twitter wanted me to do more so the second album “Ultraviolence”is being reviewed quicker than I expected.

Before you read this review check out the other Lana review I did recently that was a emotional love song collection. This album for me picks up where the last one ended and we see that their relationship is not as it seems and she not has happy as she made out.  The darkness of the album plays throughout as we dig deep into this guys life and how she deals with it.

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Divide Perfect Album ?

Been really excited to review this album, the hype for it was real but was it all worth the wait.

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25 Perfect Album ?

Does Adele album ’25’ deserve to beat Beyonce’s Lemonade ?

After a long time of waiting, Adele made a huge comeback that saw her album speeding of the shelves throughout 2015. Was all this hype of Adele’s come back worth it, did she give us what everyone wanted and what we missed. Of course Adele did, this album is bliss.

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Single reviews 1

Sometimes you cannot wait for the album to come out !!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 08.42.18.png

Lana Del Ray new single called ‘Love’ sends shivers down your spine. The unique and relaxing voice to the instrumentation, works heavenly and will be leave you excited for the upcoming album Continue reading “Single reviews 1”