Speak Your Mind Perfect album?

Anne Marie is one of my favourite artists and with this much anticipated album, my hype and excitement was through the roof… however was it good?

I would have to say this yes, this album was amazing on the first listen and the singles she released (there was a lot) still stand to this day however where the issue lies is replay-ability. I don’t understand the situation as I love the album so much but when it comes to listening to music I pick other songs and albums over this.

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Single Reviews 5

Yep the single reviews are back and we got some cracking singles to review on this post. With Clean Bandit, Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande.


Were do I start since my very long break, their has been so many awesome songs that have been realised but I guess I got to start somewhere. Many of these singles will be part of an album and for sure I am going to review them.  Continue reading “Single Reviews 5”

Artist Spotlight: Emma Blackery

I have been waiting to do this for a while now and now I am back this is a good time to do this. Emma Blackery music needs some attention !!

If you know Emma Blackery then you would know that she does Youtube though is slowly breaking her way into the music industry. With two new singles out this year, I felt like now would be the best time for this post.  Continue reading “Artist Spotlight: Emma Blackery”

Voicenotes Perfect Album ?

Okay so I was excited for this Album… Was I disappointed?

Now I have mixed feeling with Charlie Puth style of music some songs I really enjoy, some songs I just can’t get into. Charlie Puth’s singles however made me excited that maybe this album would be different and would be the perfect Charlie Puth album I was looking for. This was not the case.

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Shawn Mendes The Perfect Album?

Yes, I am Back after a very long time, I had the urge to come back but take it slower with the amount of stuff I put out and slowly ease myself into it.. starting off with Shawn Mendes self titled album?

Now I loves Illuminate, I still consistently listen to near enough all the songs on the album which for me is high praise. So going into this album I had doubt and was scared this would be a let down however the singles he put out (maybe to many) were fantastic. Continue reading “Shawn Mendes The Perfect Album?”

Top 10 songs of 2017

I have decided to make this list of the top songs that I heavily enjoyed in 2017.. it may be all over the place ?? This is my list of 2017 song that I constantly played on repeated in 2017, these songs may not be that good critically however this is my list ??   10: Love by Lana Del Ray This year I somehow … Continue reading Top 10 songs of 2017

DAMN. Perfect Album ??

Kendrick Lamar is back in full force in 2017 was it worth the long wait. I am personally not a huge rapper fan but this may have changed everything?

Many people went crazy over a short period of time as Kendrick hardly got his fans prepared for all this new music. With the hype this bad for an album, I had to check what all this excitement was about and i could see why. Listening  to ‘Humble’ and ‘The heart part 4 I was enjoying the messages he was saying in his lyrics and the switch ups that were constantly happening was everything. This is my review of this album.. so be prepared to get angry Kendrick fans..

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Top Ten Songs of 2016


These are the songs that blew me away during 2016, this is my list, so feel free to disagree.

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“24K Magic” a Perfect Album ?

Where did the classic Bruno Mars go ?

The once hidden song writer to the Bruno Mars who created ‘Doo-wops and Hooligans.’ This artist that stood out to me with the unique voice and creative mindset which he showed in the video ‘the lazy song.’ Now a much more stylish, charismatic Bruno Mars we see in this new Album ‘24K Magic.’

Bruno Mars is an artist that i don’t really listen to all that much even though he’s got the charm, he knows his stuff such as history of pop and how to write some incredible songs. The thing that stood out to me was his videos for his songs, they were always creative and out there but where did all of this go. Yes it still stands out in ‘24k Magic’ video but i need the craziness. But now to get into the review. Continue reading ““24K Magic” a Perfect Album ?”

Why Monsters Love Gaga?

Copyright: by Damien Laidin

The Only Monster that i can think of that is an inspiration to all !!

The Mother Monster herself Lady Gaga has not only inspired many monsters but has also inspired me. As her Fans are growing up, she is also transforming from the once crazy and over the top person shown in her first album The fame monster to the now toned down country women in Joanne. She is the only talented artist that i can think of that is not scared to go out of her comfort zone and leave the pop genre to explore further into jazz and country. Continue reading “Why Monsters Love Gaga?”