Ultravilolence Perfect Album?

Twitter wanted me to do more so the second album “Ultraviolence”is being reviewed quicker than I expected.

Before you read this review check out the other Lana review I did recently that was a emotional love song collection. This album for me picks up where the last one ended and we see that their relationship is not as it seems and she not has happy as she made out.  The darkness of the album plays throughout as we dig deep into this guys life and how she deals with it.

What worked for me? 

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Like I have mentioned before the album storyline and the lyrics are just amazing and have had so much work put into them. We see that love Lana has for this person but she questioning will it work out and the damage he is doing to himself with drugs. This is a completely different Lana than we have had before and I still on the fence if I preferred the much darker artist. You will feel every emotion she is experiencing in the album and will be going  on the ride that she is going through with her. Lana has such amazing lyrics to her song in both albums that I cannot wait to review the 3rd one.

Songs that worked magic on me where “Money Power Glory”, “Shades of Cool” and “Guns And Roses.” These three songs told the story and achieved it well. These songs are a masterpiece as I find myself listening to them constantly. The rest of the tracks are good do not get me wrong but like all albums if you get a chance listen to these three as you will not be disappointed.  “Money Power Glory” is creating the feel of a hymn as she given the chance to trade religion and does not want to let it go. All these songs are not creating a sense of hip hop the other album had but they are classic Lana that is showing us the American dream in all its lights.

What did not work? 

This is hard to say but for me it was hard to get through. This album took a couple of listens to get through the full album and then go back to a few tracks again to get the message she is sending. I believe for me I needed a small sense of Hip Hop the other album had, it kept the album going. The tracks all sounded the same to me when getting to the half way line. Yes this is Lana, Slow songs with a really soft and powerful melody but I just needed one or two songs to be more like “Radio” or “Off To The Races” from the other album to really get me though it .

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Copyright by Claudia Rojec

Songs for me that failed to work were “Florida Kilos” “Sad Girl” and “West Coast.” I reason for this is hard to describe as their is really nothing wrong. Though I guess that the problem it offered nothing new to the table, not one part were I would go ” This track is a stand out, I going to listen to this over and over again.” It was what we would expect. Another reason is maybe due to how long some of the tracks really are, with many tracks I find should be finishing way before they actually do.

I may have annoyed some Lana fans but I do like her as an artists and she is growing on me but compared to “Born To Die” I was a tiny disappointment. Not for the story line or her singing just the other album was Perfect and some songs are now in my most played list as they are that good, through this album I finding tracks that I would listen to over and over again, they are that dark.

In the end?

I would give this album 7 out of 10. Not really Perfect. The story line is the one thing that

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copyright by: Hassouna95

truly stand out and might be the only factor that makes you want to listen to the full album to get the experience and find of the ending of the story where I hoping continues onto the next album? This review did take longer to come out but I took a couple of listens and would have to listen to other songs to break free and get a change of sounds.

Do you agree with my point? What did you think of this Album? Let me know in the comments below.

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