Born To Die Perfect album ? 

With the new album coming out soon lets take a look at an older Lana Del Ray album.

Back in 2012 Lana Del Ray released her debut album, which is now one of her popular projects known as ‘Born To Die.’ This album what can say, nothing but praise with a few flaws but let’s dig into the review !! 

Let’s start of with the voice, this was the first time many listeners got to hear this unique voice. Compared to most artist now and back then, this sounded like we traveled back in time with her voice sounding so timely. Its so soft and different, nothing can be on the same level as Lana ! 

Deciding to explore this artist after her new song ‘Love’ which i reviewed. After listening to  a complete run through of the album, I stated to pick out tracks that grapped me and then some to me that did not work or really want me to listen to it again. The original version contained 12 songs while the paradise version contain an extra 9 tracks which I may review later (also listening to Olly Murs 24 hrs.) 

The songs that work well? 

The first few tracks that work for me is the title track ‘Born To Die’ and also ‘Video Games.’ This is due to the relaxing melody accompanying Lana Del Rays voice and it works perfectly. To the emotional lyrics, to an almost a angry sounding  vocals in saying ‘we were born to die.’ The melody of both song puts you in a dream like state as you are drifted of to your happy place. The melody is that relaxing and the artists voice is that powerful. These songs fit amazingly with the unique voice however many other tracks I fell in love with.

Ramping the beat up songs that work incredibly well are songs such as ‘Radio’ and ‘Off To The Races.’ These songs were not realised as singles however are like hidden gems for people that listen to the full album. These are incredible in showing her anger towards someone. These still not dance tracks but you can feel yourself swaying and tapping your feet away to very groovy beat.’Off To The Races’ is my favourite from the album as the experimentation in the vocals followed by the such a powerful written lyrics.

Other songs that worked well for me is ‘Summertime Sadness’ and   ‘Million Dollar ‘Man’

Songs that don’t work for me ?

Two songs I never really got myself into or really like was ‘Diet Mountain Dew’ and surprisingly ‘National Anthem.’ These songs just never really captured the such strong opening the album and the amazing songs that followed afterwards. They are not terrible, in any means but I found myself liking the other songs more in terms of swaying away or zooming out and entering my happy place.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 09.24.13.png
Copyright by: Awordfromthewize

In the end !

Overall I can see myself looking into her other work, as this album is so raw and ticks all the boxes for me in who i like as an artist. This album is amazing in terms of her  voice, the  lyrics and taking you back in time.  I would give this album 8 out of ten as the faults, looking at my iTunes as seeing I only added a few songs to my library as many did not really work for me but the ones that did are a masterpiece.

Tell me what you thought of this album? Want me to look at more of her work? What album should I review next?  Let me know in the comments below.

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